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раз про Целана мне никто не отвечает, буду ближе к народу:)), запощу тестик с facebook, по наводке sertoun

What does the week you were born say about you?

You are an unusual individual, you may want to have fun, but are too serious to do so. You have highly developed faculties of intuition and sensation. You have mastered the art of silence and do not need speech to get your point across. You leave little doubt to how you are feeling. You do not expect to be liked by other people although you often are. You are independent and do not need the approval of others and that gives you a power and freedom that others lack. You only let a select few into your circle. You have a deep, passionate nature and highly sexual orientation that bind others to you magnetically. You have a great need to be alone. Strengths: Psychic – Inscrutable – Intense Weaknesses: Frustrated – Antisocial – Oppressive

Все верно, особенно про искусство молчания и огромную необходимость быть в одиночестве. Про магнетизм тоже верно:)))

чудесное слово - inscrutable:))))

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