nili_bracha (nili_bracha) wrote,

season finale

for some reason, it's easier to do it in English. so be it. after the bottle of white with one nice person, after long chat with another one, woke to the live streaming of season finale. I actually know why it's easier in English - Russian lacks this tiny undertone of irony, which makes talking about love in English so tolerable.

very simple - if you love the good woman, she will love you back. despite of you being this, that and the other. women don't care about this shit. they care about being loved - than they feel it's safe to love back.

it doesn't work the other way round - men don't respond like that. however, it would be nice if they'll know - the only way to make sure that she'll love you, is to love her first.

what a beatiful scene it was, one of the most beautiful on the show
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